Jan 15

PABR scenery installer failing.



I am writing to tell you that the new Stinn creations PABR scenery is delivering a faulty installer. Firstly i have over 450 sceneries installed and am very familiar and comfortable with installation. The installer is not creating a destination folder and hence no scenery is installed. I have downloaded twice and the installer is not corrupt it is a installer issue created by Stinns. I have tried installing into 3 different destinations with zero success. Even nominating a specific folder results in no installation of anything into the nominated loaction.

The installer runs its full install but no files are installed into the nominated Stinns10 folder or any other specified folder. I am a beta tester for two major companies and very knowledgable and this is definitely an installer issue delivered by Stinns. Regards Darren Howie

Before the screen which shows ID key, it asks for location. By default its in programs files but choose custom location.

Another cue is on that folder browsing page, it says “just me or everyone “. Currently iam not home so I am not exactly sure which page screen. Will take a look once I get home in the evening.

HEy I have found the solution for that. Will update by evening. Re-uploading. Thanks for pointing out.

No worries..ill redownload...thanks for getting back to me...

PS can you advise when Simmarket has the file aa i have not recieved an update reminder from them yet. Thanks

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