Jun 13, 2018

VOCL Scenery


Hi , I have purchased ans run the setup 8 exe file of VOCL, after installing setup , i have been asked to run SODE_VOCL, but that didnt work , got an error message showing vocl not found, then i run VOCL.EXE, but after doign all i cannot see the scenery folder under my add-on scenery folder.


Please assist to get the job done


Thanks & Regards



Jun 14, 2018

Its written in that instructions notepad. If it says not found, you can run both SODE exe files separately.

Jun 14, 2018Edited: Jun 15, 2018

Hi Anstin, I have managed to get the VOCL scenery, But no jetways, i think my issues is with jetways, I am new to SODE, could you please tell me a little bit more about enabling jetways?

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