Zbrush To Maya (Retopology)

Zbrush To Maya (Retopology)

October 03, 2017

As we all know, we can't really export Zbrush character to any other software simply because its poly count is way too high. About 38million plus. (Atleast my models). STEP 1. Sculpt your character/model. You can either give a texture file or use polypaint to paint the texture. Personally I prefer polypaint, so its my own texture and no copyright worries.

UV unwrap.

STEP 2. Here are the next options. You can use few of these softwares to create a few thousand poly model from a 38 million poly. Zremesher. With this, it can automatically retopo the model but if you want a proper edge flow for animation, use the guide tool. Even with that, it won't be 100% accurate. Zbrush also has manual retopo tool with zsphere but its little bit hard for me. But it has live symmetrical option. Topogun, I feel little more easier than Maya retopology with quad draw tool. These plugins can handle multiple polygon extrusion at the same time.

If remeshing in Maya, the model needs to be decimated in Zbrush using Decimate option. STEP 3. Import the remeshed model back to Zbrush to get texture, normals and displacement maps. I do this by Project and subdivide options. Later I export the lowest or second subdivided model to Maya with textures. And thats it.


Retopology in Zbrush iteself. Speedy Way.

1. Duplicate your model. You need to keep your high resolution model to capture the details.

2. Work on the duplicated model to remesh.

3. To animate facial expressions, you need proper edge flow. Use the guide brush tool to draw edge flows. Then click Zremesher.

4. And you get this-

Here there is one problem- the edge flow isn't really a spiral(circle) at the eyes and mouth. Thats the issue with automatic Zremesher. 5. Now time for capturing the details to the remeshed model from high reso.

6. Project All and Subdivide several times will do it. I do it 5 times.

7. And you will get this after creating displacement and normals. - To create those, UV unwrap if you haven't done so, then go to the remeshed model's highest subdivision. - Click Morph Target- store. - Go back to the lowest subdivision of the remeshed model. - Create displacement, create normals.

Now you can export this to any other 3D software for further development. This last one was remodeled manually in Topogun and processed in Zbrush. So it has more accurate spiral edgeflow for eyes and mouth region than Zbrush Zremesher, and thats what we need for animation.

Created by Anstin Antony. Myself. 3D artist.

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