USA to INDIA Travel During Covid 19

August 16 2021.

I was traveling from Seattle to Kochi when the coronavirus was stable in Kerala. The following steps were taken when I travelled.

Before going to the airport

  1. RT PCR Covid test within last 72 hrs of departure required. I opted DHMD same day test near Southcenter. It costs $186. Walgreens provide free test but 24-72 hrs for results.

  2. After getting the test results (hopefully negative), register onto Air Suvidha Delhi website (2 print out copies). They require information such as passport copy, result PDF, departure location, final destination and personal information.

  3. A confirmation email will be given by Delhi with a number. Print the PDF document from that email. This will be required at final destination.

  4. If going to Kerala, Register at Covid Jagratha website Sort of same process like Air Suvidha.

  5. If going by Qatar Airways, print their consent form and fill it up.

At the airport.

The airport was less crowded at the international side. Considerably less people compared to Precovid times.

  1. I opted Qatar airways Qsuit because of the covid. It has individual rooms for each passenger. Once at the airport, one of the Qatar ground staff reviewed the Rest Result.

  2. The check-in counter staff checked the consent form and results again. Better to have 2 copies of everything.

  3. Board the plane on time. We spent our free time at Business Lounge.

Inside the Aircraft, Transit and to Kochi.

In economy class, masks and faceshield are required. In Qsuit, mask is recommended but not mandatory. I saw people without masks and cabin crew didn't bother them.

In Doha, the airport was nearly empty. We rushed to the next part of the ride because we were 30 min late. No paperworks here. They just Xray scan carryons.

Once inside Doha to kochi flight, they said Facemasks and shield are required in business class too but no one seemed to care and cabin crew didn't mind either. It is more like, if you want to protect, wear them.

At Final destination.

  1. Those people coming from UK, Brazil and South Africa are required to go to counters 25 and 26.

  2. Faceshield is not required from this point.

  3. At the arrival immigration they just check passport, boarding pass and visa (or OCI)

  4. Collect the luggage and then go to Covid test area. It could take upto 30 min. Here the Prints of Air Suvidha papers are required with boarding pass. They will take mouth and nasal swab.

  5. The results will be uploaded to the website in 24 hrs. Quarantine is required if tested positive. If its negative, go enjoy the vacation. I just stayed home for 2 days for the results (negative).

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